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AIRBRUSH Water Decals 3001

AIRBRUSH Water Decals 3001

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Secondary color

How To Use Water Decals for Gel and Acrylic Nails:

1. Apply Base Coat and Color. Cure (LED/ UV) for gel nails.
2. For acrylic nails – after sculpting the nail, apply base coat, cure (LED/ UV).
3. Cut the decal.
4. Put slider design on the cotton pad, which should be soaked in warm water before (80 F), with paper side down. Keep it for 20-30 sec.
5. Slide the decal off the backing paper onto the nail.
6. Smooth out the decal over the tacky nail.
7. Wait 20 seconds for the film to dry.
8. Remove decal excess from the nail .
9. Apply Base Coat, Strengthning Gel or Builder Gel. Buff.
10. Apply a layer of  Top Coat. Cure. (LED/ UV)

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